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Touts Trump's First Foreign Trip Despite Criticism; ; Aired 7-8p ET • Senate Intel Committee Subpoenas Flynn's Businesses; DNI Chief Won't Say If Trump Asked Him To Deny Russia Collusion; U. Raises Terror Threat After Attack at Ariana Grande Concert; Trump Calls Manchester Attack Perpetrators "Evil Losers"; Remembering the Manchester Bombing Victims. Police: Multiple People Killed & Injured at Ariana Grande Concert.

Aired on 7-8p ET • Trump: I'd Be "Honored" To Meet Kim Jong Un; Spicer: Conditions "Not There Right Now" For Trump/Kim Meeting; Trump Invites Philippines' Duterte To The White House; WH Defends Duterte Invite Despite Human Rights Concerns; Spicer Defends Trump's Warm Words For Strongmen; White House Defends Trump's Outreach To Strongmen; Trump Stands By False Claim That Obama Wiretapped Him; Commerce Secy.: Syria Airstrike Was "After-Dinner Entertainment"; Trump Targets 2 Of Michelle Obama's Kids' Programs; Aired 7-8p ET • North Korea Fires Missile After Trump Warning; Trump Obsessed Over Election Win Ahead Of 100-Day Milestone; Trump: I Thought Being President "Would Be Easier"; Trump Blames Obama for Flynn Vetting; Obama Back in the Public's Eye; Inside Melania Trump's First 100 Days as First Lady; White Supremacist Says He Wants to Bathe in White Privilege. On Trump And Russia: Some People Will "End Up In Jail"; Former Trump Adviser Met With Russian Spy; Investigators Focus On Timing Of Trump Camp/Russia Meetings; Susan Rice: "I Leaked Nothing To Anybody"; Source: Trump Donor Held Secret Meeting With Putin Ally; Scores Killed In Russia, Chemical Gas Attacks Suspected; Aired 7-8p ET • Trump Revives Baseless Wiretapping Claim, Cites Fox News; House Intel Panel Meets As Trump Floats Baseless Claims; GOP Set To Change Senate Rules To Confirm Gorsuch; Kushner's Iraq Visit Underscores Growing Role; Trump's Secretary Of Everything: Jared Kushner; Aired 7-8p ET • Sources: ISIS, Other Terror Groups Have Laptop Bombs That May Evade Airport Security; Sources: New Terrorist Laptop Bombs May Evade Security; Top Dem Of House Intel Committee Meets With Trump; Schiff: Shown "Precisely The Same Materials" As Nunes; Aired 7-8p ET • Schiff Calls On Nunes To Rescue Himself From Russia Investigation; Kushner To Meet With Senators Over Russia Meetings; Kusher To Be Questioned On Possible Campaign Ties To Russia; Russian State Bank Confirms Kushner Meetings In 2016.; Aired 7-8p ET • Nunes & FBI Chief Clash Over Russia Probe; Schiff: Investigation Can't Be Conducted This Way; Interview with Rep.

• Spicer Dodges Questions On Russia, Kushner; Spicer Won't Confirm Or Deny Kushner Secret Channel To Russia; Flynn Will Provide Some Documents To Senate; House Intel Committee Asking Former W. Pick: "Transgender is a Disease"; Kimmel's Cousin on Helping Him Through Son's Heart Surgery. Election But Dem Got Highest Vote Tally; GOP Fears Anti-Trump Anger In Upcoming Races; Vote To Republicans Distancing Themselves For Trump; NYT Compares Photos Of Patriots W. Aired 7-8p ET • Trump: Syria Chemical Attack "Crossed Many, Many Lives"; Trump On Taking New Action In Syria: "You'll See"; Trump Says Syria "Crossed Many, Many Lives": Blame Obama; Bannon: Nowhere To Be Seen During Trump News Conference; Survivors Describe Chemical Bombs Falling From Sky; Survivor: I Saw Yellow And Blue, Felt Dizzy, Fainted; Trump: My Attitude Towards Assad "Has Changed Very Much"; Trump: "I Now Have Responsibility" When It Comes To Syria; Trump To NYT: "I Think" Susan Rice Committed A Crime; Bannon Removed From National Security Council Role; Aired 7-8p ET • Official: North Korea Fires Projectile Into Sea Of Japan; Rep.

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Aired 7-8p ET • Growing Anxiety Over North Korean Threat After New Missile Test; House Intel Chairman: Trump Communication Possibly Collected; Sen. Trump, GOP At Risk of Health Care Bill Failing in the House; Interview with Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky; Police: 4 Killed, 40 Injured in London Terror Attack; Aired 7-8p ET • More Flights Banning Electronic Devices, Based On AQAP Threat; WH Dodges Questions About Proof Of Trump Wiretap Claims; Spicer On Wiretap Evidence: Let's See How The Week Goes"; Manafort A Focus Of Investigation Into Trump-Russia Contacts; Sen.Cityswoon holds the Guinness World Record® for the World’s Biggest Blind Date.We have taken the best elements from that event to create dating events that are a mix between speed dating and a party.Aired 7-8p ET • White House Blames Obama For Flynn's Security Clearance; Pentagon Opens New Probe Of Flynn's Russia Payments; Warner: No Evidence Trump Admin Did "Due Diligence" On Flynn; White House Denies Covering Up For Flynn; DHS: Secy: Threat From Electronics On Planes Keeps Him At Night; President Trump Signs 29th Executive Order; Candidate Trump Mocked Them; WH Dodges Questions On How Tax Plan Benefits Trump; Aired: 7-8p ET • Trump's 100-Day Scorecard On Promises Kept And Unmet; Cruz: North Korea Is 'Most Dangerous Spot On The Plant Right Now'; WH Summons All Senators To Rare Briefing On North Korea; Senator: WH Briefing On North Korea Was "100-Days Photo Op"; NK Official: Military Drill Is Response To U. "Aggression"; Senator Merkley: WH Briefing On NK Was "Complete Optics"; WH Tax Proposal: Big Promises; Few Details; Aired 7-8p ET • White House Won't Say If Flynn Broke The Law; Rep. Engulfed In Flames; Syria Scrambles Jets To Major Syria-Russia Base; Pence: 'Can't Comment' On Whether U. Sabotaged North Korea Missile; Hayden: Trump's Rhetoric Might Be 'Stirring The Pot' With North Korea; Russian Bombers Fly Within Miles Of U. Steny Hoyer; Bill O'Reilly Apologizes For Racially Charged Joke About Congresswoman's Hair; Ivanka Trump's New Job Title: Assistant To The President; Coal County Questions Whether Trump Can Bring Jobs Back; Trump Voter: Pres. Aired 7-8p ET • Spicer: "Take No For An Answer," No Collusion With Russia; Nunes Dismisses Calls To Step Down From Russia Investigation; Interview with Rep.Connolly: No Question Flynn Broke The Law; Jungle Blocks Part Of Trump's Sanctuary Cities Order; Ivanka Trump Heckled in Berlin for Defending Her Father; Trump Voters: Not the Perfect President But Still Hopeful. Mike Turner; Russian Banker Who Met With Kushner has Ties To Putin; Trump: We'll Make a Deal on Health Care.These fantastic nights are great fun and run by a friendly Cityswoon matchmaker. Amourlife runs fun and friendly Speed Dating events throughout Australia.We believe that meeting members of the opposite sex is best achieved in a relaxed, natural, and enjoyable environment.His work includes movies such as Men in Black II, Hellboy and I Robot.Peter also competed in Robot Wars, Battlebots, and Sozbots, and judged Robogames.Curt has performed extensively across the US as well as internationally. He has written numerous novels in the Star Wars, X-Files, and Dune universes, as well as a unique steampunk fantasy novel, Clockwork Angels.Shamier Anderson Shamier Anderson plays the role of the mysterious Agent Xavier Dolls in Sy Fy's Wynonna Earp.

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