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“My sense is that 2015 or 2016 will represent peak TV in America, and that we’ll begin to see declines coming the year after that and beyond.” “Peak TV” was again a theme at this month’s winter TCA press tour.To drive the point home, the network’s research department released a list this week that revealed the average total viewer Nielsen ratings for all 1,400-plus shows on primetime television in 2015, both scripted and reality TV.Even though some will argue that it’s all about the demographic numbers these days, and total viewers don’t matter as much to advertisers, it’s still unusual to see this sheer amount of ratings data in one list — particularly a comprehensive look comparing broadcast, cable and premium cable series.It certainly sheds light on why there’s such a glut of TV lately.

This does not account for streaming or on-demand.) 1) Despite losing some high-profile shows, AMC ruled at basic cable ratings last year.

"When those numbers became unreliable, inconsistent, inaccurate, unexplainable," a TV researcher said in 1992, "they just threw into chaos almost everything we did, because they were the basis on which the business was built." There were other challenges before and since, including the controversial introduction of "people meters" in 1987 and audience fragmentation stemming from the cable boom and the arrival of the VCR.

Challengers arose, like AGB, a company that pioneered people meters in the U.

“To the near exclusion of every other local TV station, along with approximately 600 channels that most pay TV providers serve to the Boston DMA, virtually only WFXT benefitted from this one household,” Fine wrote.

Fine said that sort of activity gives him concern about other ratings periods that included the household, particularly during the November 2016 sweeps. 21-23 show the household “had even greater impact than in February for WFXT,” Fine wrote. 22, the home generated a larger audience for WFXT than the market’s 759 other reporting households combined, he said.

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