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Approximately 10% of completed interviews are validated every round.

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(To see the testimony of these witnesses, please see the EEOC’s website at This fact sheet provides technical assistance on some common issues relating to the federal anti-discrimination laws and the use of tests and other selection procedures in the employment process.To confirm that the interview was conducted properly, respondents are asked whether the interview took place, length of the interview, mode of the interview, number of sessions required, and whether the incentive payments were made.To assess data quality, respondents are asked a few questions from the survey. The data are analyzed to compare the responses in the interview and validation reinterview.One recent example of an organization that has changed its assessment battery due in part to concerns about racial discrimination and poor prediction of job performance is the National Football League.Unless jobs involve law enforcement, weaponry or other special safety considerations, organizations should not ask candidates to take any assessment that was designed for the purpose of diagnosing susceptibility to depression, risk for other kinds of mental illness, or any kind of personality disorder. Psychometric tests will not help you if you don’t have well-established measures of job performance. I have never been sure why that’s the case, but it seems to satisfy a human need for power and control.An interviewer has power to recommend for a job or not.The current validation system is designed to select randomly approximately 13% of each interviewer's completed cases for validation.Additional cases are included for validation if there is concern about some aspect of the interview.The EEOC considers the interview to be a selection test, and requires that it be validated before use.Yet, I would guesstimate that few interviews are validated at all, and the ones that are may not be delivered consistently or by a competent, trained interviewer.

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