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Samsung is said to move a lot of its handset production to Vietnam next year, where it's had factories for a while.The goal is to have about 40% of Samsung's mobile gadgets made there, though it's not clear whether this will include the upcoming Galaxy S7 flagship, too.Actually, all of Samsung's newer phones are now set for a Marshmallow-ed Touch Wiz in the next quarter, while some golden oldies like the Galaxy Alpha, and a bunch of Samsung tablets, will remain for the second quarter of 2016.Given that it's already mid-December, and there is no Android 6.0 hitting Note 5 handsets yet, the leaked schedule below might have some merit, after all. I know even if marshmallow is crap they will fix it.The images used below will differ slightly from those on your TV.This page contains information about installing the latest Samsung NP-Q1 driver downloads using the Samsung Driver Update Tool.Please allow several minutes for the language screen to appear.

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The latest edition, the Q1EX-71G, ditches the integrated keyboard in favor of a pure slate design, although an optional dock/carrying case includes a netbook-size keyboard and touchpad.Samsung NP-Q1 drivers are tiny programs that enable your Tablet hardware to communicate with your operating system software.Maintaining updated Samsung NP-Q1 software prevents crashes and maximizes hardware and system performance.It slipped easily into a backpack and its weight and size were barely noticeable.Although the device isn't ruggedized, it certainly felt solid in hand.Manufacturers usually start updating their most popular phones within three months of Google releasing the source code for its newest Android version, so a Q1 schedule is nothing out of the ordinary for the S6, Note 5, and below. But I don't want the same as what happened with 5.1.1( crap update then getting fixed later ).Unfortunately, the October outing of the Marshmallow source code also means that the new A-series 2016 of Samsung wasn't prepped with Android 6.0 in mind, but hopefully Samsung will update them to Marshmallow soon after their launch. I want it to be as stable as it is now, if not more. The only difference is touch ID and 100$ for that is too crazy. The screen is nice but there is nothing to like despite it.We'll cover the UX180P, which is the US version of Sony's new Micro PC.Shying away from the UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) design, introduced in late May 2006, Sony decided to do it their way and create yet another highly mobile concept in full Windows XP computing.A few things are certain: death, taxes and that Sony will release some unbearably cool new piece of technology every year.Last year it was the PSP, this time it's the Vaio UX series.

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