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Out of all the airlines and their alliances in the world which two airlines and their alliance would be considered the most iconic and well known?

I'm sure BA & AA would sit on the list as would AF & KLTo me (and probably quite a few of Australians) it'd be QF & EKTo many Australians the EK/QF partnership might be more properly termed iconoclastic, rather than iconic.

The unprecedented comfort and convenience at Southdale set the stage for the ensuing American shopping mall phenomenon.

Gruen’s vision of building commercial utopias influenced other entrepreneurs of the era, such as the founder of Publix Supermarkets, Florida businessman George Jenkins.

Gruen conceived of the mall as a community center, in which people could socialize, walk, dine and shop just as they did in his home city of Vienna.

Gruen is best-known for designing the Southdale Mall in Minnesota.

“It’s still a limited number of really good cases,” says Dan Sandweiss, an archaeologist at the University of Maine, Orono, who was not involved in the study.The best evidence yet for an early peopling of the Americas might lie at the bottom of a Florida river.That’s where a team of archaeologists has found ancient stone tools and butchered mastodon bones that have been reliably dated to 14,550 years ago—more than 1000 years before scientists once thought humans first reached the New World.But in recent years, potentially older artifacts have turned up at a handful of sites, including Monte Verde in southern Chile and the Debra L.Friedkin site in central Texas, suggesting that people lived in the Americas long before the Clovis technology turned up.For many Floridians, the day following Thanksgiving is something of an unofficial holiday–one marked by the custom of camping out in front of stores in search of the greatest deals on gifts for the holiday season.This Black Friday, we take a look at the history of a familiar, increasingly antiquated structure: the Florida shopping mall..However, the American shopping mall as we know it today is a product of the rise of consumerism after WWII.The modern shopping mall was originally invented by Victor Gruen, an architect and refugee of Nazi-occupied Austria who came to the United States in 1938.The 2016 honoree was Christina Shivers, an architectural designer at plexus r d and studio instructor at Kennesaw State University.At the Emerging Voices ceremony, Christina presented her installation, “Architectural Drawing Machines for Atlanta,” which identifies the endangered features of Atlanta’s built landscape to create an appreciation for Atlanta’s history and idiosyncrasies through the act of “voicing” the unheard histories of spaces, sites and buildings within the city.

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