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In a perfect relationship, your compatibilities have to be perfect and the sex has to be awesome. Relationships need time to build trust and compatibility.

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Our membership group is nationwide with hundreds of local varied events every month plus an international holiday programme so you're sure to meet new people, make friends and have fun by doing some great activities.

I sent one free message back and received an automated reply that message couldn't go through because it contained membership details, what I said I couldn't read the email he had sent.

Steve and Deb xx I found spice of life to be a great, uncomplicated dating site, without the nonsense and expense of most of the other sites. A lot of the profiles appear to be fake too, like who sends messages to a profile that hasn't even been completed no photo no nothing which is what happened to me.

I also know people who started online dating and immediately met somebody in the “real world.” I don’t actually do it myself. “Oh hey, guys, I’m independent, but not so independent I think I need equal rights or the ability to vote or anything like that! I just mean that I can tie my own shoes, except I don’t need to, because I only wear high heels, even when I’m working out, which keeps me from being able to go too far, so don’t worry about me leaving the house.”And oh yeah: sarcasm. But I sure am glad guys really, really like to hear it. I hope men still feel pressure to answer this with “man skills”: I’m good at sawing up shit and pounding nails and building log cabins. And then girls can be all: I’m known for my pies two counties over!

This is not because I “Myself – restless, analytical, and opinionated. Right up with there with rosemary, thyme, and chili powder. I’m excellent at wearing aprons, pearls, and keeping my mouth shut (except when you want it open, HEY-O)!

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