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But he's also stayed true to his reality TV roots, appearing on our favourite dating show ever, (she beat Kendra Wilkinson in the final) and even got married to her long-term boyfriend Roger Mathews in October 2015. So what the hell happened with her on-off fiery romance with cast mate Ronnie in the end?

The couple now have two children – Meilani, born in 2014, and Greyson, who was born in May 2016.thanks to boy drama… Well, the latest rumours are that they're off again, after splitting in 2014, then getting back together in 2016 (when they even went on holiday to Italy together).

“I don’t think they even make 6-foot-4 juiceheads with tattoos over there, so nobody really has anything to worry about.” (Question: Do her boobs count toward her baggage allowance? I only have about eight cans left, and in my world that will only last about 10 days.” As they’re running for the bus to Florence, Deena takes a spill. Let’s be real.” (At first, I thought she said, “Meatballing on my face.” Doesn’t that sound kinda right? “If me and Sam were together, we were probably going to smush," Ronnie says, "so let me not let myself get into that kind of situation.” The girls finally get there, and there’s a warm reunion and a limoncello toast.

) Ronnie Magro has not gotten back together with Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola, and he is under strict orders from his pals (and my colleague Anthony) to keep the waterworks under control. “I haven’t been in Italy for two seconds and I already fell. They decide to go out for a little stroll, which of course requires a wardrobe change, the traditional hoisting-of-the-boobs montage, and at least one hairdryer burn-out.

• Snooki introduced her father, who was in the audience and lifted his sweater to reveal a sleeveless T-shirt with "Papa Snooki" printed on the back. The Jersey Shore reality star 'sold out' two separate sessions but admission was free on a first come, first serve basis. "I'll be in Rome," she said, referring to the filming of Season 4 of "Jersey Shore" in Italy.

Students waited in line as early as 1pm for an 8pm start. • When asked to describe her perfect man, Snooki said his name has to end with a vowel, he can't be boring, he has to make her laugh and he must be close to his parents. "I can't be with anyone pale, that would be awkward," she said. • When a student asked what kind of oil she uses to make fried pickles, one of her favorite foods, Snooki was horrified.

(aside from a couple of cameos), but she certainly made her mark with some huge rows and even got removed after a fight with Snooki. She also appeared in the first season of with her boyfriend (they'd only bloody been together for two months) and attempted to launch a music career with a song that was inventively titled 'I'm Hot'.

No, really: she made her debut for TNA in 2011 (she's also a big WWE fan).

Snooki also judged a "Situation" contest to see which of five male students had the best abs. Over 1,000 Rutgers students lined the Livingston Student Center to see MTV's Snooki in a question and answer session.The Situation hears that Snooki is still dating Jionni, and expresses some surprise, which Sammi wastes little time in relaying to Snooki. “Good morning Vincent,” Pauly D says formally to Vinny over breakfast. (Well, not for long.) Snooki has some difficulty adjusting her seat, and the car even lurches forward suddenly during this procedure (foreshadowing! The girls manage to lose sight of the guys and have to head back to the house, where Deena nearly gets scalped by a pigeon on their patio. ) The guys go to the gym and get schooled by the Guido Mr.Miyagi, then return home, where Snooki is engaged in an energetic workout routine.Vinny posted a pic of the whip with the message, "Attention rich people! I know I know what you haters want to comment, 'reality star, washed up, broke, need money, etc..' Feel free to! " It's unclear if he's really strapped for cash or just cleverly wording his post to generate buzz ... "Jersey Shore" alum Vinny Guadagnino doesn't care if people think he's a washed-up reality star desperate for cash ...he's unloading his white 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo on e Bay. If Vinny's pitch doesn't net a buyer, perhaps the mileage will -- he's only logged 1,190 miles!She hasn't been up to an awful lot since then, to be honest (aside from, according to her IMDB page, an uncredited role in , which followed him as he travelled around America spinning his discs, as the young people say.Pauly D, who became a father in 2013, even ended up signing a deal with 50 Cent's record label, opening on tour for Britney Spears and working with Jay Sean.According to the New York Post, Snooki's attacker was Brad Ferro, a gym teacher at North Queens Community High School in Flushing.Seaside Heights Detective Steve Korman told The Post that the punchy boozer was told to lay off the drinks at the popular hangout because he seemed too drunk.

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