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The Slingerland Drum Experts is not associated with the Slingerland Drum Company or The Gibson Company.

This web site is purely a Slingerland dedication site about Slingerland history and The Slingerland Radio King.

All information contained in this history is what I have been able to glean from the WWW, various books, and other sources. As more sources of information are found, this will change.

If you find an error or have additional information to add, please let me know. (his name is noted both as Henry Heanon and Heanon Henry) came to be involved with the business via his music teaching efforts in the West Side Conservatory of Music.

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We have a lot of Slingerland History available for people to learn about Slingerland Drums, Slingerland Badges, Slingerland Hardware and Slingerland Shells.

Was wondering if I can get a little help with trying to pinpoint the year of production for one of my snare drums.

Here are some pics of the features that I used to age this thing.

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Slingerland applied for trademark of the May Bell name January 18, 1924, claiming to have first used the mark June 29, 1923.

At the time he was doing business under the name "Slingerland Maunfacturing Co.", at 1815 Orchard St.

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