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The isotopic dating of metamorphic events is inherently difficult, because the rise and fall of metamorphic temperature may be very gradual, and the distance over which isotopic equilibrations occurs is not known a priori.

One is therefore faced with the following dilemma: if the system chosen for dating is small, e.g., individual mineral grains, isotopic equilibration may continue long after the event of metamorphic crystallization, and the isotopic age reflects some point during uplift and cooling of the terrane.

On Earth, natural rubidium comprises two isotopes: 72% is the stable isotope, Rb, with a half-life of 49 billion years—more than three times longer than the estimated age of the universe.

German chemists Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff discovered rubidium in 1861 by the newly developed technique, flame spectroscopy.

11 "I Choose to Be Happy" will also include a new song, the title track, "I Choose to be Happy" and a tribute to Marvin Gaye titled " Soon I'll Be Loving You Again " which features son Brandon Howard and David Ruffin. After five years had past since Three Wishes, in September 2006 Howard was now signed with Shanachie Records.

On March 30, 1988, Howard won a Soul Train Music Award for Best New Artist. Le Mel Humes produced several tracks, and became a close friend, working with Howard on future albums throughout her career. Levert produced the duet and final single " Crazy which peaked at number 38 on the R B singles.

Rubidium is not a known nutrient for any living organisms.

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