Pink sofa dating uk

The Pink Sofa Network is ONLY open to organizations with a track record of providing lesbians with a quality service.

Our technology is quickly integrated into your site, and designed to fit your branding and colors.

Lesbians like the pink sofa because we are not a hook up site.

Our members are serious about wanting to find love and a lasting relationship." All activity on the site is rigorously monitored, to create a positive and safe environment for members to communicate.

Pink Sofa gives its new members a 3 day trial period, maybe short for some but in that short time you are provided with access to some of their greater features, giving its new members a true feel for what is in their grasp if they wish to become a paying member.

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You can let users know you want to be part of the chat or go under the radar and look around without interruptions.

, including the graphics, the text, even the options a member can choose.

Our dating members and our clients regularly tell us how much they appreciate our understanding of their market.

and growing rapidly, testament to our complete focus and customer satisfaction.

Unlike other dating service providers, we don’t just take on any client.

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