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Czech women, dating—and possibly marriage—are hot topics in the discussion forums.You’ll hear many things—that Czech women are all looking for a husband / after your citizenship / your money…Czech women counter that we’re the ones who are clueless.Employed full-time under legal obligation and responsible for a family, this was their grandmothers’ and mothers’ task under socialism while feminism was a lark for bored, middle-class American housewives. Ferber, professor of women’s studies at the University of Illinois writes in her essay “Women in the Czech Republic: Feminism Czech Style” that today’s Czech woman has inherited a “striking mixture of strong family values with a firm attachment to the labor market, a sense of personal efficiency, and considerable independence.” She’s homemaker, breadwinner, and proud of it.

If you can win the heart of a Czech woman, then she would love to marry you and settle in your country without any issues.The most interesting thing about them is that many of them have ethereal beauty that is at the same time something different than the models you see in magazine, it is as if they avoid to look like them and impose a beauty that hasn't been exploited yet.Once I was having dinner with a date when a Slovak women sat next to us, she was about 6 feet tall, wearing black leather pants, a red sweater and had long dark hair and porcelain skin, her eyes where light brown and her face was somewhat similar to Rose Byrne without the anorexia or sings of aging though she was around 30, actually.Czech men might be known for being notoriously cheap, unhygienic, chauvinistic, humourless and even mollycoddled mama’s boys.But these negative stereotypes certainly aren’t true in all cases and if you’re on the lookout for a soul mate or just a one-night flirt, and plan on sticking around Prague for a while, you shouldn’t rule out a Czech guy.I never met a single Slovak women who was rude or impolite with me, they were all very available and even confessed to come from towns where 70% of the population were women, beautiful women! Czech women are slightly colder in some aspects, they are more calculator.However they are very curious, specially about some foreigners who are not the typical drunk noisy British/American guys you see in Prague.In fact, there’s a wealth of positive aspects of getting together with a Czech; for example, their total honesty (they’ll always tell you how you look—no white lies); their lack of fear with regard to commitment, and their thriftiness, which is of course a good thing if you’re the date!Given all the diminutives in the Czech language, you can also be certain that Czech men will shower you with pet names!These women are also very tolerant and understanding.They are not incessantly demanding and would love you unconditionally.

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