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In addition, Florida prohibits procurement, also known as pandering and more commonly known as "pimping," during which an individual persuades or hires another person to engage in prostitution, or offers prostitution services performed by another person.

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Us, meaning the dancers at 'The Cock Pit', Tampa's number one male stripper club. they asked for Batman..little Robin," he laughed just as my eyes settled on five girls I'd known forever. Looking at me and then up at the monitor, he asked, curiosity clear in his voice, "You know them? "The booths in the back room, for the private lap dances, you dork," Jimmy said loudly as he pointed towards the back of the club with his Budweiser, all of a sudden a goddamn expert. "You're so cute Roberto, so sexy, so tall..maybe so beeg," she finished, a question in her voice as she glanced down at my fly. Each booth was shielded from its neighbor and held a dancing stool just waiting for a naked girl to mount it.

" "," I denied as I zeroed in on my sister and her four best friends. I mean I didn't really exactly know what to expect. "C'mon birthday boy," she urged as she grabbed my arm and started to pull me up. "Very beeg," she answered herself as she ran her palm across the front of my pants. For a second, passing an occupied cubicle, I caught a quick glimpse of the back of a naked girl, her body plastered against an unseen man, then Maria pulled me on and led me right to the back, the last and darkest cubicle. " Seeing my quick, nervous nod she asked, "Is it really your birthday?

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