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"I am so hung over," confesses Ashley Frangipane, brushing back a wisp of her signature blue hair.

"I was very sad because I didn't want her to think that I was gay and that I was hiding it from her and that I was using her as a beard, because that's what the whole Internet probably thinks," Dawson said through tears.

Stunning new starlet Alex Grey leads an all-star cast with her very first anal scene! Packed with hot, fully-naked goth girls, Orgy of the Damned centers around Fosco (Domiziano Arcangeli), a 300-year-old vampire who lives in a beautiful mansion with his wife Sabina (Lorielle New), their son and a whole bunch of sick and twisted pervs who try to make sure the party never stops.

From the fevered mind of maverick filmmaker Jess Franco comes Sexy Sisters!

After moving to Canada to live with his estranged father, Joshua (writer/co-director/star Aaron Ellis) meets Jay (Justin Liles), a local tattoo artist who fled from his troubled family.

Both young men, lonely in their own way, find themselves falling for one another, despite many obstacles along the path. Our full force was most certainly awakened once we got a glimpse of young Jedi-in-training Luke Adams getting his pink Death Star gangbanged by a bunch of storm troopers.

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