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When paramedics arrived, they found Janamanchi unresponsive, administered six defibrillator shocks and intubated him on the way to Middlesex Hospital.

The Middletown Police Department, an agency affidavit notes, sent officers "to a medical/overdose with a possible untimely death." Similar scenes appeared to be unfolding around the college.

Kramer's call was the first of a series to which the Middletown Fire Department responded over a six-hour period that Sunday; its staff made seven trips in all to student residences.

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We are very separate from him, which is pretty good because he has to remain focused.

on Sunday, February 22nd, Zachary Kramer, a sophomore at Wesleyan University, realized his classmate Abhimanyu Janamanchi had stopped breathing.

The night before, Janamanchi had been at a party at the Eclectic Society, a kind of alternative anti-fraternity on campus, where New York DJs called Swim Team performed.

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