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If you are interested and would like more information on this type of training or counseling please go to the Self-Study tab or email me at [email protected] This ground-breaking DVD series was created especially for experienced counselors, ministers and lay counselors who want to refine their skills in areas where expertise is difficult to find.For more information see DVD below and go to the "Crisis" or "DVD Series" category.And on Sunday night we had some real thunderstorms that dropped about 1.85 inches of rain here at the shop.. It has been a tough year for lake levels here, and at Amistad.. Fishing has been good and fair depending on who you ask.. We did chunk for bass a bit yesterday on some rocky flats and points.. But we was off to crappieland and we did not try too hard.. All those rocky windblown points can have fish on em.. On the upper end of the lake, a lot of fish have been in the hardwoods along the river channel on the Mexican side. Somewhere around 265.50 things start to get pretty dicey down there.. Seems we can't get a break when it comes to the wind. Up here on the north end it is still windblown points and rocks.. And pitching at whatever wood is still in the water.. Mixing a new bull, or cow in the heard is a good thing.. And we fished a few windblown gravely banks as well.. Anyway, the north wind is never worth a crap here on Falcon, as I may have stated earlier in another post.. The Citrus Shad and the Chartreuse Blue are the best colors it seems.. But it is safe to say that a lot of fish are are setting up offshore. There have been a lot of man hours put in fishing the dam here lately. We have sold a ton of deep divers lately, and if you are looking for a big fish, that is a great place to start. And the locals are taking over the lake for the weekend.. I have been trying to avoid the news channels on TV as of late.. Because frankly, no one really knows what all we are involved in. Get it done in ninety days or wait till the moratorium is over. We'll re-access our progress in a couple of years and see what is happening.. I'd give that same message to Putin and a few others as well.. There is no reason in hell that we need to get mail every day.. Just because you can't keep your legs closed or are too lazy to to prevent pregnancy don't mean that I have to support your spawn for the rest of his life.. I guess that's enough for the first week in office.. You do know that the US Military runs 234 golf courses around the world, don't you?? Maybe next time we'll discuss Senators and Congressmen's terms of employment and compensation, including retirement.. Of course Easter is tomorrow, and I hope you understand the significance of the day. So windy on Sunday that I canceled my planned excursion out on the lake. Maybe a couple other keepers but some small fry mixed in.. So if you want to fish in slightly less crowded conditions, you might come down next week. I am ready for summer and hot water and grouped up fish. I have been watching the political battlefield from a distance, cause I don't want any of this shit splattering to land on me. And blue jeans have been the order of the day for a few.. Lizards and brush hogs are good choices, but any soft plastic can get it done if you get around the fish.. Bass Champs will return for their second event on the 25th, and I expect to see some really good stringers as these post spawn fish should get back to chomping once their sexual antics are completed. I don't advertise too much stuff on my site, but there are a few things that are near and dear to my heart. Square bills, Texas rigged plastics of every description, carolina rigs, and a few drop shots.. And no doubt the best fish came off rocks in fairly shallow water. And now I hear that the DC hookers are organizing a march as well.. The squarebill bite is still strong, and shallow big fish are being caught at a decent rate. And many times they catch fish that we just do not.. We have sold a bunch of crankbaits as well, and every color under the sun. Weigh in today starts at three, and I plan on going down and seeing what gets brought to the scales.. Square bills, spinner baits, Carolina rigs, and flipping baits have been good on the shallow hardwoods. Now it is a bit tough to fish, and my info has really slowed down. Water temps were about 70 degrees before last night.. A squarebill or a spinnerbait can catch a boatload of schoolies, and occasionally a eleven pounder like this one caught by Robert Myers yesterday on a Jo-Baby spinnerbait in two feet of water.. I told you these Falcon fish don't care about the water temps or time of year.. The local guides have had some good luck with the big fish, and a lot of visitors have smacked around the big fish pretty good as well. That's why I am one of the calmest and non excitable guys you will ever meet.. (Damn I'm sorry I wrote that and I apologize..) Another week and another week of drama here on good old planet earth. Not just in the middle east, but that is certainly the biggest of the problems here on earth. Folks, the only way we can cure any of these problems is with respect. I have been arrested a few times in my life, and never once did I disrespect the officers. They have been warring and killing each other for century's.. With today's modern communication platforms, it makes it easy for like minded and usually brainwashed and weak minded individuals to succumb to the idea that terrorism is a good way to to deal with western civilization. The challenge of preventing these attacks is enormous.. It is also an acronym for the middle of summer down here in south Texas. And don't look now but I think they may have really backed off the water releases.. I think it has been really good for numbers if you happen on the right spot. The fish in those schools are not big for the most part.. Across from the Veleno, working your way south to the windmill farmhouse, and all the way into Blanco. But any dark flippin bait like the Pit Boss or the Rage Craw will work up here.. Running the lake is no problem, but just look out for scattered hardwoods if you are out of the river channel. May 1, 2017: Happy May Day to all of you Spring lovers... There were a few folks out on the water, and they had mixed results. But I managed nine fish from ten till one and I headed back because I was tired of wind and so-so fishing.. And during the week, you won't have much competition down there either. My life doesn't seem to change much if I watch them or if I don't.. Anyway, it is hard to sit down in front of a computer without having the news of the day shoved up your ass.. It's hard to not see or hear what is going on in the world.. I would give ninety days notice, that we are suspending all immigration for two years.. In one year, I would close all but one base in South Korea. And when I was leaving, I would tell that sawed off, fat midget, little piece of shit psychopath dictator in North Korea that if we hear of one aggression to the south or in his general vicinity, we won't be invading his country, but we will be invading him.. And on the rest of the planet who really knows how many.. I'd get rid of half of the fleet of delivery vehicles.. Having babies as a way to make a living would come to a stop.. I would only take that long so we can get our shit out of the buildings.. And the savings to the country would be in-calculable.. And I hope you get to spend some time with family and friends, and give some thought to the events, circa day one A. If you are a non-believer, or a cult member, and you are still alive, then there is still a chance for you. What I do hear is that the river above us, and the Salado is a dirty son of a gun. TPWD has come up with a number (some seven months later) for damages caused by the fish kill behind the Veleno Bridge project. But PAW and the contractor are going to be working out some sort of settlement on damages, and some kind of reparations are to be made. The last few cloudy days have not been good for the fishing, with reports of fewer fish and smaller fish being the norm. Time on the water and persistence are the two best baits in your tackle box. The top of the lake is putting out numbers of fish, and some rocky points can have a shit ton of little bass on them. And one of them is the annual CAST (Catch A Special Thrill) event put on for special needs kids at Calaveras lake near San Antonio. It takes money to put these events on, (and which ones don't) and once again this year a guide auction is being held to raise funds to help offset expenses. Some off the dam and the rocky community holes around it.. We have been dealing with pre-fishermen all week and I am sure that I am not getting the entire story. And hopefully in a few days I'll be back to slinging bullshit.. Long gravel points and ledges have had scads of little fish on a lot of them. I am still typing with one hand, and have not fished in two weeks. And everybody that fishes a day or two has caught good to great numbers of fish. August 1, 2016: New research just out says that fishing is one of the most relaxing and mind healing activities that one can utilize to help cope with today's troubling times. And if the world is getting you down, you might just need a trip to Falcon to calm your frayed nerves.. It is just a shame that shit like that has to make it to light. I'd of liked to introduce Jim Jones to these Islamic bastards.. Do people in inner city shitholes want no policing? Lets just air drop in more guns and ammo every night and let them take care of themselves.. I did not feel like I was being singled out for driving down the sidewalk on two wheels.. Because I knew it was wrong, and if not wrong, I knew it was illegal.. Globalization as led to much of what we are seeing today.. And true to form, it is hot and windy as the giant high pressure that has camped out on top of us persists and continues to kick our ass.. Fishing licenses are required and can be purchased at the marina or On-Line.Norma Bates (mother)†Sam Bates (father)†Dylan Massett (half-brother/cousin)Caleb Calhoun (uncle)†Francine Calhoun (maternal grandmother)†Ray Calhoun (maternal grandfather)†Alex Romero (stepfather)†Kate Massett (niece) Bradley Martin (friend, hook-up, victim)†Emma Decody (ex-girlfriend/half-sister-in-law)Cody Brennen (friend, hook-up)Blaire Watson (teacher, hook-up, victim)†Madeleine Loomis (ex-friend)Juno (dog)†Julia Ramos (attorney) Norman Bates was a smart, quietly funny, handsome and sometimes shy young man with an intensely close bond with his mother, Norma Bates.And while my face on this page is not too common, and for good reason, at least not holding a big fish, here's a selfie of the fat bitch.. On Saturday Rhonda Kossub caught this 9.93, a new personal best for her and a fine looking fish it was.. The Atascosa Bass Club was in town for a two day tourney, and on Saturday they had two fish over eight pounds weighed in. (Garlic) If you have never used Smelly Jelly then you don't know what you are missing. Some folks catching crappie the the Mexican outlet.. I have heard a good many reports the last few days from other fishermen that have caught a ton of bass as well.. We did get 2.15 inches of rain on Sunday night, and some areas on the river above us got a lot more.. These went into the Tigers and I believe this puts us at about 425,000 for the year.. Well we have made some progress on what's going to be done as a peace offering on that. There is about three foot of water over the bridge rails here in the Veleno.. Except for me hitting a stump coming out of Hedieona and bending my prop shaft.. Yesterday I went to Sugar for the first time in a year.. We should be getting close to 500,000 before the next month or so is over. So that means I have fished nine days without fishing Falcon. Bass Champs is at Amistad this weekend, so I will imagine it will be a slow weekend around here. April 15, 2017: It's Easter weekend here in Zapata, and the natives are restless.. Last night we had a rogue thunderstorm pop up about three thirty, and it rained and hailed for about thirty minutes. But for now it is still hush-hush as details are being worked out.. We are scheduled for stocking of Florida fingerlings in late May or early June I hear, and we should be getting about 400,000 to 500,000, if things go well at the hatcheries and all go as planned. We are not going to have a good year class this go round.. I got back in from Picachos yesterday, and have not spoken to a lot of folks about what they have been doing here on Falcon. These guys were buying trick worms and Spot Remover type shakey heads.. I guess the big news is water levels and water movement. There was a big rain around Del Rio while I was gone.. They are also releasing about 7000 CFS out of Amistad. On Amistad, Ray Hanselman has donated a trip as well. My left hand is getting better, so maybe it won't be so long before I am back to filling your computer with more bullshit. But hell I'd probably say the same thing in August.. And pay particular attention to basket style hardwoods and thickets.. The only drawback is that it makes it hard for some folks to pee over the side of the boat.. There was an armada of boats down in front of the dam this weekend, and a lot of fish are being caught off the rip rap itself, and off the ledges and humps that are so famous out in front of the dam. And then there is time spent sitting in front of this computer, wasting time so I can waste some of yours.. My choice of words was poor, and I would like to withdraw the dumbass part and just say that they are ignorant. With so many people being so loose on what their definition of truth is, I can see how some folks may be confused, or otherwise disinformed of actual situations about real life happenings. But to quote Jules in Pulp Fiction, "That shit ain't the truth.."Of course when you have a president of the United States of America, say that a blowjob is not sex, I can see how some folks, maybe those that are ignorant, or disinformed, could get confused. It's the continual lying about everything, that goes on in politics.. She has a couple of good teachers, including her last boss.. Windblown rocky points, and there's not a lot of other kinds about now, held a lot of fish, and in those waters there were a lot of schooling fish. If you asked her if she uses cream in her coffee she'd probably lie about if just out of habit..

It's a shame this woman runs off and cheats while the poor guy has a tough time.

Norma made it look like it was an accident, where a shelf fell on Sam, in order to protect Norman.

After Norman found his father's body crushed under a shelf in their garage, the two remaining Bates moved to White Pine Bay.

Youll also hear the counselees response ad evaluation of his or her session.

The focus of this unique DVD program is ministering at a time of grief and trauma in cases of sudden and multiple loss, family and personal loss, suicide, violence and more.

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