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Everyone looked uncomfortable, so when he got to me, I said, “I won’t give you money, but I’ll buy you a donut if you’d like one.” The cashiers heard me and we exchanged a look while they patiently waited for him to point to a donut.

(Of course he chose a premium gluten-free flavor.) Then he leaned across the counter and tried to get them to bring him a cup of milk (which they said they didn’t have) and started asking about what else they had back there that he could eat. Let’s go.” I paid and left, heading outside to claim a table.

Now you’ve got an inexpensive, year at a glance calendar for your home or office.One of these inexpensive acrylic frames would work great, too.I must say, I refer to it every day, and it’s not even the new year yet! SECRET FLAWLESS: Whatever, don't even get me STARTED on all the weirdness going on with your label. While I was in Chicago for work last week, I met up with a friend for breakfast one day before the office opened.I decided to grab a donut and hold a table for us outside since the place seemed fairly busy.The donut selection was overwhelming, and it became even harder to focus when a homeless man shuffled into the place, slowly panhandling his way along the line leading up to the small counter.—but a couple of kind relatives on Sean's side had been asking, so I figured, if nothing else, it was a way to get my thoughts in order and make a list of things for that we'll eventually need to acquire.) We live in a pretty small house and I don't want a ton of extra stuff—plus, if there's one piece of advice I've read over and over again, it's to buy only the basics and wait until the baby arrives to get the rest (weird as it seems to me now, I do realize that Amazon will still be operating my due date)—but it was still helpful to me to research (and research and research and research) some of the bigger purchases, and to jot down some of the smaller things I hadn't even realized I'd need () Since you have all given me such wonderful advice over the past few months—thanks to your comments, I am now a) buying a carseat and stroller frame instead of an actual stroller, b) investing in the Fisher Price Rock n' Play sleeper, which is apparently made of straight-up miracles, c) putting the baby in our room at first for easier middle-of-the-night access, and d) slightly addicted to the Baby Bargains book for my aforementioned research—I thought I'd ask you for one final favor as I slowly go about accumulating the flotsam and jetsam of the infant years.Despite my friend Court's sage advice that "all you need is a bed and boobs"—I feel like I should get this tattooed or embroidered somewhere—the first-timer, pre-planner, can't-leave-the-house-until-I've-checked-three-times-that-the-stove-is-off arrangment-maker in me needs to know that I've struck the perfect balance between having the essentials and not having so many essentials that I'm in danger of turning into a one-woman episode of don't want to buy anything I don't need and then have to to go through the complicated rigmarole of returning it while covered in baby spit-up and operating on two hours of sleep.The whole "platinum" thing was just a ploy to make you think of jewelry, but like for your armpits, and it really worked for us, especially among girls who were dating fuckwit commitmentphobes. DEGREE ULTRACLEAR: Oh, you noticed my new packaging! But now my marketing folk tell me that platinum actually gets pretty dinged up and scratched after awhile, and it's time for something new.

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