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Smoking is prohibited on Beach 11 and in the swimming area.

Located on the edge of an ancient volcanic escarpment, the Hotel commands wonderful views of Tamborine Valley overlooking Guanaba Gorge, Moreton Bay, the Gold Coast skyline and the Pacific Ocean.

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Picnic Pavilions: A number of picnic pavilions are available for rental, accommodating from 30 to 200 people.

The trail passes a gas well that produces gas used at Presque Isle State Park.

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Fish in a pond singles Most of these old fossils are found with areas that are not really civilized such as in deep caves and caverns or even the dessert.

Seiko Fish For instance the state Wyoming has containing some amazing confirms recently when it comes to seiko fish. The Green River Formation in south western Wyoming seems to contain a treasure trove of these old fossils from a number of geological times.

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