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He would go like “Okay baobei its going down for real, and so will be your panties when I beat your character.” because well smooth Fanfan is smooth. Lay: He would go easier than the other guys and would enjoy watching you playing and would get excited.When he misses you playing due to his schedule or has opinions about the game, or shortly when you two want to talk about the game, he takes you on a cute date and tells you his crazy theories about the story plot. But he would enjoy playing games with you in general.You would be killing all the enemies easily and stuff, and he would watch from afar, being like “Wha– how– even– what did you just do jagi? And one day you would come home to find him struggling to get two Sims to have children and you would help him to get his Sims woo-hooed and he would turn to you like “Soooo… ”Kris: We all know Yifan is a playful little puppy.He wouldn’t mind you winning against him at all but when it’s his favorite game or some game that he says he is good at, he would make it a competition too.Vybere si slané nebo sladké pečivo, přidá k tomu teplý oběd nebo polévku.Za každou položku, kterou si zakoupí, zaplatí jednu korunu.Tímabil Ważna informacja dla tych, którzy otrzymali zasiłki dla bezrobotnych, z powodu strajku marynarzy!Urząd Pracy chce przypomnieć pracownikom przetwórni ryb, którzy na czas strajku otrzymywali zasiłek dla bezrobotnych o obowięzku wyrejestrowania się w momecie ponownego podjęcia pracy.

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Těch bych snědl třeba kopec.“ Pro Startujeme, o.p.s.

Privošči si organiziran izlet z ladjico po magični okolici El Nida.

Vstani zgodaj, naredi jogo in zaplavaj v mirnem morju.

Spočij se in zvečer sprehodi po ulicah obmorskega mesta.

Po dolgi vožnji bo čas za počitek in večerno uživanje na plaži Las Cabanas.

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