Dating someone with testicular cancer

Before I was diagnosed with testicular cancer, my doctor thought the pain might be an STD.

I told him that was highly unlikely, because, you know, you usually have to have sex to get a sexually transmitted disease.

you cant p*** cancer like a std n if u have scars tell her if she asks , for that matter if u want 2 !! C Mark a.k.a abartender I agree with what abartender said in his reply. The girl alweays understood and had respect for me for having respect for her.

Its been my experience that people tend to freak when they hear the BIG C word n they dont know much other than its almost always a death sentence. By the way I am a survivor, I was diagnosed in 1995 and am now coming up on my 8 yr mark of being cancer free.

It’s normal to have fears and concerns about dating and sexual intimacy.

However, these concerns should not keep you from pursuing relationships.

Any man will tell you that anxiety and fear are huge mood-killers where sex is concerned.” When I hear guys talk about their anxieties about being ball-less I want to tell them ‘My life would be fine without balls. ’ But the guy who commented raises a good point that even if the partner didn’t care, he still had anxiety about it.Or, you may worry that it could scare away a potential partner.You can wait until the development of a mutual level of trust before sharing your story.If you want email me at [email protected], I will be more than happy to send you a copy.There are certain things that come up as you get to know people better.(Apologies in advance to my husband for whom this might be a weird post to read!) I got a great comment from a testicular cancer patient on my post about missing body parts: “I couldn’t get a prosthesis at the time I lost righty so I proceeded to live the ensuing twelve years without.At the point that the relationship has the potential to turn more serious, then you mention it.In any case, when you start dating, it's best to focus on her anyway. In the 11 years it took to meet the right person, I found that I rarely thought about it when meeting someone new.Single adults with cancer often experience physical and emotional changes during and after cancer treatment.These may affect their dating and sexual relationships.

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