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Archaeologists once thought that all irrigation originated in the foothills of the Zagros and that the earliest true farmers lived in the plains of Iran.

But recent excavations and surface explorations have proved that irrigation around the upper Tigris and Euphrates, as well as their tributaries, dates from the early 6th millennium In northern and eastern Mesopotamia, main streams were soon partly diverted during moderate river floods into canals running more or less parallel to the rivers, which could thus be used to irrigate an extensive area.

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Following the victory, David turned Edom into an Israelite province ruled by handpicked governors.“You cannot overstate the importance of copper in the Levant during the 10th century BC,” said Ben-Yosef.

“It was the oil of the time and produced agricultural tools and weapons.”Despite ancient accounts that the mines were operated by slaves, the researcher said mining experts likely oversaw and trained apprentices to extricate the valuable natural resource.

As David expanded his reign, Samuel states that his army vanquished 18,000 Edomites in the Valley of Salt.

Their main training took place in Palestine and later in Egypt, where, equipped with Machine Gun Carriers, they started using armoured vehicles and developing expertise in the handling of them.

Six very well used Vickers Light Tanks Mark IIB from Egyptian Army stocks were issued in October 1940 from the depot in Abbassia.

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