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But girls actually give off some pretty surefire signs they are interested in you.

As far as animals go, it is usually the male which initiates courtship.

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Her voice can betray that nervousness – if she sounds anxious, it’s a sure sign she’s excited about what might happen!It’s bad enough that men think wooing women is completely pointless so whether we are at a coffee shop, the library, a soccer game or at a bar, we like to know that you’re paying attention and making the effort to take note of our signals and cues.And as a woman who thoroughly enjoys the game, here are 15 body language cues we females give away if we like you. If she makes eye contact with you, especially if it’s repeated, she’s definitely interested.Despite all this time, men still haven’t figured out when it’s okay to make a move and when they need to back off.A majority of the male population either makes a move too early or too late. Nowadays, it’s all about the chase and the challenge of trying to figure out what women want.If you’ve made the mistake of telling a stupid joke, don’t worry. A woman interested in you will laugh and smile a lot while you’re speaking.However, try to center the conversation on her, not yourself.Think of a male peacock strutting its feathers or a seal inflating its nasal pouch to attract a female. Now, you may disagree with this as men usually think they are making the first move. Studies show that 90% of the time, girls initiate courtship.They do this by giving out signals to the targeted man.The worst part: you may have actually let a few great catches go because you didn’t know the hook had caught. Ever see a girl stare at a chocolatey dessert or a cute dress in a store window? If she can't keep her eyes off you, you're in the clear, especially if her pupils appear wider than normal. When people are attracted to each other, they start to mirror each other's actions and speech patterns.If she starts saying weird phrases that only you use, it's not because she's your other half (though hopefully that's true, too); she just likes you. Questions are a good sign that she's really interested in who you are.

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