Browning 12 gauge auto serial number dating

The Browning Automatic 5, most often Auto-5 or simply A-5, is a recoil-operated semi-automatic shotgun designed by John Browning.It was the first successful semi-automatic shotgun design, and remained in production until 1998.You can find the order form and specifications of Colt Manufacturing's archival service here.Visit Glock Perfection Website Here you will find the Glock Talk forums where you can search and chat with individuals who own glocks and can share information with you on finding out "When was your glock made?Well we did some digging and found that Colt offers an archival service for a moderate fee to locate all records of your original Colt shipment.They provide every spec about the gun, who is was shipped to, when it was shipped, and even how many other firearms were shipped at the same time as yours. shotgun with serial number 6556.1969 started using two digits for the date of manufacture: S=12 gauge V=20 gauge F=28 gauge J=.410 bore This was then preceded by the serial number beginning with 1000.

I intend on restoring two or three of these for my brothers as family was produced continually for almost 100 years by several makers with production ending in 1998.It features a distinctive high rear end, earning it the nickname "Humpback".Visit Colt 1911 Website Colt is known for creating some of the highest quality firearms including the 1911 pistol supported by numerous other awesome standard and tactical pieces of equipment, from rifles to shotguns.Not able to locate the date of manufacture for your Colt firearm?The top of the action goes straight back on a level with the barrel before cutting down sharply towards the buttstock.This distinctive feature makes it easy to identify A-5s from a distance.The name of the shotgun designates that it is an autoloader with a capacity of five rounds, four in the magazine and one in the chamber.Remington Arms sold a variant called the Remington Model 11." Just click the register link on the top left to start.A-5 Belgium, 12 gauge, 2 3/4 inch, 2,000,000 Commemorative Model, 1612 of 2500, 28 inch, Modified, Vent Rib barrel, in correct Black Hard Case.

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