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But it was all in good fun, although she can’t feel too good about her cheating ex-boyfriend.

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We shall unearth the up to date relationship status along with the allegations made on him for his sexual orientation.He was filmed getting nasty with one of them back in August.Amid rumors the tape was up for sale, daddy Jaimie Spears reportedly flew into action and bought it, so no one would see it–except Britney.After only being married for a few days, but spending almost a year in court to settle spousal and child support Glory Johnson has finally moved on.The courts decided that Brittney Griner was the legal father of Johnson’s twins, so she is paying child support, while Johnson has found a new boyfriend.Asa is reported to be possibly single with no girlfriend and is of straight sexual orientation.Bisexuals make for more caring fathers and partners, a new study has revealed.The announcement came as a shock to fans as the day before, Johnson revealed the couple were expecting twins following IVF treatment using her egg and a donor’s sperm.Amid a very public divorce battle, Johnson gave birth to twin girls, Ava Simone and Solei Diem, on October 12.She told Ellen De Generes last December that she met Lucado when they were introduced at a party.She said the attraction was “instant.” The pop singer was reportedly heartbroken by the break up, but has since moved on, to the point she is now joking about it on shows like Fallon’s.

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  2. I got dumped back in October and at first it didn't bother me because he had admitted to me that he was thinking of breaking up with me at the beginning of October, on my nephews birthday, and we didn't break up until the end of October. I've known the guy I dated since High School, I had a crush on him back then and he's been friends with both my brothers for a long time. We were talking like usual, hanging out, we never really fought or anything.