Apple weather widget not updating

This comes via Chronic on Twitter, you can follow us there too.Weather reports are essential in a country like USA, where weather changes frequently.So here are some suggestion to help get your widgets up and running, so you get that test drive i OS experience!After downloading the latest i OS, the device starts, and we navigate to the widgets lock screen.Apart from this, you can also delete unnecessary data if your i Phone memory is getting full.When I switch the zipcode or city to a new one, I get a message "City not found".Many users experienced that tapping the watch face doesn't give any better results in the situation mentioned above.But they forget that the Apple Watch is just a humble assistant of your i Phone, hence, you should first take care of your i Phone and not the Watch.

Other than refreshing a widget, which rarely needs to happen, this isn’t too useful, but it’s great eye candy.

Dashboard was introduced on OS X Tiger in 2005 and acts as a secondary desktop for widgets such as a calculator, calendar, clock, weather, stocks, sticky notes, mini games, dictionary, flight tracker and more.

Widgets can be added or removed from Dashboard by clicking on the plus or minus buttons in the bottom-left corner.

Apple has quietly disabled Dashboard by default in the seventh beta of OS X El Capitan, an unsurprising move given the ten-year-old widget feature on Mac has not been updated in over four years and looks increasingly poised for retirement.

Dashboard was similarly disabled by default on OS X Yosemite.

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