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You can’t miss this star-studded panel of experts as they review the significant events of the past year that have radically changed the debate over issues as far-ranging as Everglades restoration, sewage spills, septic tanks, fracking, and pollution notification.

The dating app that launched on Valentine’s Day in 2014 is geared towards young millennials.But increasingly, young Indians want to have some say in the selection process.In the process, they are forgoing the old-fashioned idea of a marriage broker, who some deem are totally out of touch.As with most sites of this type, members are allowed to post nude photos and many choose to do so.Adam4Adam provides a "Health Resource" page as well as a page devoted to "Online Safety Tips".We may all be living in a “post-truth” culture, but are we headed into a similar era of environmental policy-setting based on appeals to emotion?This panel of public sector, private sector, and environmental advocates will address these and other issues as they analyze the key environmental legislation that passed, the bills that didn’t, and what it all means for the future.Our experts will help guide you with concrete strategies and tips for managing risks, including work practices, protective contract language, and decipher the complexities of other risk management tools such as insurance and bonding.Additionally, you will receive the latest instruction on any changes to the rules and statutes affecting the engineer, as well as any guidance resulting from individual disciplinary and unlicensed practice cases.In 2017, the Florida Legislature aggressively took on these and other environmental issues with legislation that could best be described as ambitious and, at worst, misguided.Regardless of your position on these controversial issues, it should be concerning to all if we have lost our ability to analyze and debate matters of policy using science, facts, and rational thought.

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